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  • Linda Sheng

Who We Are: Intern Edition

My name is Linda Sheng, and I’m A2Empowerment’s canvasser and social media intern. When I was in 5th grade, I heard my dad talk about A2Empowerment, a non-profit program that empowers women through education in Cameroon, because one of his colleagues was a co-founder of the organization.  As soon as I entered high school, I took the first opportunity I could to become a part of this community and something bigger. 

The mission of A2Empowerment resonated with me because I am a young woman who believes in the power of education and I recognize the opportunities it provides.  For example, in my personal life, I’m a part of the Amnesty International Club at my school, where we learn about current events and write letters to leaders to address injustices around the world and cause change. I volunteer at an afterschool program in my town’s elementary school where I pass on the morals I’ve learned and my gratitude for education.  These experiences give me joy.  I have a positive impact because of my education and the opportunities it provides, and I would like other young women to benefit from education in this way. This is why I volunteer for A2Empowerment. 

A2E has allowed me to see the impact and effects of my efforts, teaching me new perspectives of learning, something that I value and continue to prioritize in my life. I’m able to receive a great education here in Massachusetts, and what’s incredibly special to me is being able to create that same opportunity for female students my age in Cameroon that otherwise might’ve not been able to have this chance. I was grateful to find a united community that helps share the wealth of education in Cameroon, as learning gives many experiences and forces one to question everything. This powerful organization is much bigger than just education though: It feels like a home, and some of the people who were students in this program came back and taught the students of the next generation. A continuous cycle of giving back. 

As an intern, I’ve increased attention for this non-profit organization by helping manage A2Empowerment social media. I track the site visits to Cameroon and keep our donors updated with the ongoing events in our organization, and can leave my impact on the world by making blogs on the website and social media posts to publicize the importance of girl’s education. I’m so lucky for this to be a part of my home. If interested in contributing to a girl’s education, then visit and donate! Remember to subscribe for more updates about A2Empowerment!


Article written by Linda Sheng, A2Empowerment High School Volunteer Intern


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